Tomato Beef Noodle

番茄牛肉麵 Tomato beef noodle

Beef noodles are so popular in Taiwan that there are many different types of variations depending on the way the broth is made. I like to braise my beef with lots of fresh tomatoes, onions for a delicious, rich savory soy-based broth. I also made the homemade noodles because I prefer fresh, unsalted, and additive free noodles then preserved ones sold in supermarkets. These noodles are just chewy and toothsome as they are supposed to be. Absolutely a tasty hearty meal.


Traveling around the world, I’ve seen how those Chinese take out mislead people’s perception about Chinese food. Wok fried, heavy seasoned with soy sauce and MSG, cornstarch thickened at all time is not authentic Chinese cooking. Real Chinese cuisine is mastering selections of fresh ingredients, seasonings, various cooking methods to deliver genuine taste of food that wow your taste buds. I’m no Michelin chef but someone who knows how authentic Chinese cuisine should taste like. Welcome to my dinning table and enjoy the real Chinese food. Bon appétit!