Scalded Chinese Kale with Oyster Sauce

白灼蠔油芥蘭 Scalded Chinese Kale with Oyster Sauce

It’s Monday, I like simple dish. This one is easy to prepare and tasty, too!Boil water, drizzle of salt, sesame oil and add Chinese kale (Gai Lan), cooked ginko seeds and goji berries into water for 40 seconds to 1 minute depending on how tender do you prefer for your veggies. Refresh Kale leaves in iced water then drain and place on plate with ginko seeds, goji berries. Sauté oyster sauce with a drizzle of sesame oil, water until well mixed, then pour over the veggies and enjoy. Oyster sauce can be replaced with soy sauce and a pinch of brown sugar for strict vegan.


Traveling around the world, I’ve seen how those Chinese take out mislead people’s perception about Chinese food. Wok fried, heavy seasoned with soy sauce and MSG, cornstarch thickened at all time is not authentic Chinese cooking. Real Chinese cuisine is mastering selections of fresh ingredients, seasonings, various cooking methods to deliver genuine taste of food that wow your taste buds. I’m no Michelin chef but someone who knows how authentic Chinese cuisine should taste like. Welcome to my dinning table and enjoy the real Chinese food. Bon appétit!