Chicken Mushroom Rice Balls

雞肉珍珠丸子 Chicken mushroom rice balls. Traditionally prepared for holiday occasion, this meat rice balls are popular for their lovely apparence, juicy yet tender filling and al dente sticky rice coating. Ground pork mixed with minced water chestnuts, shrimp is common choice of filing to make the meatballs. Today I used ground chicken with minced mushrooms for a lighter, more delicate taste and seasoned with salt, white pepper, battened yolk and a drizzle of sesame oil. Coat the meatball with drained sticky rice that had been soaked in water over 2hours, then steam the rice balls for 15 minutes. There you go a tasty, pleasing-to-the-eye dish done.


Traveling around the world, I’ve seen how those Chinese take out mislead people’s perception about Chinese food. Wok fried, heavy seasoned with soy sauce and MSG, cornstarch thickened at all time is not authentic Chinese cooking. Real Chinese cuisine is mastering selections of fresh ingredients, seasonings, various cooking methods to deliver genuine taste of food that wow your taste buds. I’m no Michelin chef but someone who knows how authentic Chinese cuisine should taste like. Welcome to my dinning table and enjoy the real Chinese food. Bon appétit!